Sports Mouthguard

Playing safe

Trendy sports like inline skating and mountain biking have in recent times also increasingly resulted in facial injuries sometimes involving damage to teeth. Meanwhile it has become almost routine to take the sensible precaution of fitting protectors to parts of the body exposed to injury, such as the head, elbows and knees. The hazards for the teeth are often overlooked. In other types of sport, such as hockey, ice hockey or boxing, but also handball and basketball, the PLAYSAFE sports mouthguard has already proved its value.

PLAYSAFE Light 2-layered, for restricted oral conditions, for: see medium Playsafe light otherwise has the task of protecting the rows of teeth in contact with each other, e.g. in sports in which helmets are worn to protect the midfacial region.

2-layered, for: boxing, biking, basketball, football, judo, wrestling, riding, handball, waterball, motocross – sports which can involve flat blows to the jaw.

2-layered, with impact force distribution strips, for: boxing, kickboxing, karate, rugby, American football, rollerblading, baseball, alpine skiing, skateboarding – professional sports involving powerful and hard blows to the jaw

Playsafe light pro
3-layered, for restricted oral conditions (e.g. children), for: hockey, field hockey, squash, polo, rollerblading, kickboxing, karate, rugby – sports involving extremely hard and focal blows

PLAYSAFE Heavy pro
3-layered, with hard insert, for :ice hockey, field hockey, squash, polo, rollerblading, kickboxing, karate, baseball, alpine skiing, skateboarding - sports involving extremely hard and focal blows

Not all mouthguards are the same

A comparison of custom made mouthguards with boil & bite types reveals significant differences. Playsafe Mouthguards fit exactly onto the row of teeth, do not move around and allow the wearer to breathe freely and, after a short familiarisation phase, also to speak. Boil & bite mouthguards do not fit accurately and become loose. Athletes have to hold these mouthguards on the teeth, thereby preventing peak sporting performance.


Owing to its immovability and exact fit, an individually fitted mouthguard has a ten times longer lifespan than a boil-and-bite mouth guard which, because of slippage, is subject to much higher chewing stress.

Trendy colours

30 Playsafe colours and colour combinations are available for every Playsafe type. You can also order your mouthguard in 2, 3, and 4 colours chosen from a range of 15 colours.